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[Day – 1]

enroute.jpgToday we started for our weekend in Tobermory. We booked a nice bed and breakfast on the shore of lake Huron.We started at 11 am after having some “gobi de paronthe” .. the scenery was great and all went fine till …. we hit a bear. A small bear suddenly decided to cross the road right in front of our car.
Fender Bender

Luckily no one was hurt, the bear ran off into the woods, but our car had some damage. The hood and the left fender is bent, other than that it still runs fine 🙂

Cottage : Healing Rock Resort

The cottage is really cute and warm, the hosts, Doug & Daryl are great. Doug helped me secure the hood of our car so that it won’t fly open while driving. The living room has a nice view of the lake.

Tobermory downtown

It’s a nice small town where everyone knows everyone else, nice people. Later in the evening we went downtown to eat something, had pizza and also saw the harbor.

[Day – 2]

It’s warm and sunny today. Had Bagel, Bread & Cereal for breakfast and headed out in the lake to paddle. It was fun, Navneet is afraid so we didn’t go very far.
Looking forward to the boat trip !

We boarded the “Blue Heron” for a trip of all the Tobermory Islands, It’s a great day for boating.

[Day – 3]

Nothing much to do today. Went to “Little Cove” that Doug told us about. It was nice little place with white rocks and amazing scenery.

We scuttled away when it started to rain a little bit.

Next we went to “Singing Sands” beach. The water is shallow for about 200m into the lake. We walked on the beach for some time before going for lunch. There’s an Indonesean restaurant in Tobermory, we ordered a sampler of their favourite dishes. It was similar to our cuisine and we enjoyed it a lot.

Later at the cottage, Doug & Daryl took us for a spin on their speed boat. It felt amazing to have all that fresh air in your face. We have never expreienced anything like that before. Doug even let me drive the boat, Awesome.

Even later we watched the sunset from our neighbours backyard then we rushed back to our cottage’s back yard to watch the moon. Doug helped us start a bonfire and we were up till 11 outside talking about how amazing this trip has been and that we have to leave tomorrow….

Tobermory Harbor


small town on way to Tobermory


on the way ..

Mustard fields and hay rolls

Flower Pot Island1



Lake Huron

Big Tub bay

Flower Pot


Little Cove



We again


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July 8th, 2007 at 1:40 pm

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  1. Great Place, Serene environ and cherishable time for a weekend.
    NJOY Guys


    23 Jul 07 at 10:53 PM

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